Magico S 5 – „Product of the Year“ bei „Hi-Fi+“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End

Die englische Zeitschrift „Hi-Fi+“ hat u.a. die Magico S 5 zum „Product of the Year“ bei Lautsprechern erkoren. Ihre Begründung:

„Magico has two loudspeaker ranges. The no-quarter-given Q range, and its more universal S series. Almost any of the range could be nominated for each of the ‘best of’ categories, but the £33,000/pr S5 in particular may just have the best balance of performance, engineering, and price in the whole range. The three-way S5 loses the aluminium spaceframe construction of the Q models, but instead is made from half-inch thick curved aluminium extrusions. It also features a beryllium dome tweeter and a mid and two bass custom-made Nano-Tec drivers. The result is one of the most honest loudspeakers around. If you are one of the few who absolutely must know everything that is laid down on your recording then few audio loudspeakers come close to the Magico S5.“

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