Boulder 1110/1160 – Review bei „Hi-Fi+“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in Verstärker

Eric Neff hat in der letzten Ausgabe des Magazins „Hi-Fi+“ der Vor-/End-Kombination 1110/1160 des amerikanischen Herstellers Boulder eine Besprechung gewidmet. Im Folgenden sein Fazit:

„Thirty-four years of engineering focus has given Boulder time to learn more efficient and effective ways to construct its gear, with build quality that routinely functions for a decade plus of set-it-and-forget-it life spans, better heat dissipation, plus ARM Chip inclusion for web capabilities as well as advanced power management and circuit protection. I have not found any area that has not been considered for improvement. And, the music! Absolutely musical! I could not detect any colour being inserted by the Boulder siblings. They did not offer a warm, cool, or shaded tonal signature. Everything was by the book, whatever was the disc, LP, or streaming bits. That is what I want from a solid state, state of the art system.“

Den vollen Text der Besprechung lesen Sie hier.

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