Meitner MA-2 – Review bei „Stereotimes“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End

Im Onlinemagazin „Stereotimes“ gibt es eine Besprechung des DAC/CD-Spielers MA-2 von Meitner. Key Kim konzentriert sich in seiner Besprechung auf den musikalisch-klanglichen Eindruck und kommt zu diesem Fazit:

„The MA-2 allowed the notes to flow effortlessly amid the complex mix of tonal nuances that proved very appealing. In my opinion, the MA-2 possesses an unmatched sense of resolution. I detected greater inner detail compliments of the music emerging from a pitch-black and velvety background. This gave greater discernment to the subtleties hiding in the back, pitch variation and even the bowing textures of individual strings. The blending of the instruments produced by the MA-2 was simply outstanding. […] It is extremely fast, clean and quick-footed while totally devoid of noise and hardness. It has enough dynamic properties to make you jump out of your seat and yet subtle enough to hear even the softest of details. After all these years, I’ve discovered Meitner is still the authority in digital playback.“

Den vollen Text der Besprechung lesen Sie hier.

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