Electrocompaniet „Nordic Tone“ – Besprechung bei „The Absolute Sound“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End

In „The Absolute Sound“ hat Robert Greene einen Review der Electrocompaniet „Nordic Tone Model 1“-Lautsprecher veröffentlicht. Sein Fazit:

„This is a speaker one could just buy and get on with the listening to music. This is especially so if background silence and clarity are your primary goals. Top to bottom, the music is all there, sounding essentially as it should and remaining uncluttered and articulate all the way down to the bottom in a striking way. You won’t find it easy to find a forward-radiating quasi-point-source speaker that does the duplication of reality more convincingly, especially for large-scaled music.“

Den vollen Text finden Sie hier.

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