Gläss Vinyl Cleaner – Review in „Enjoy the Music“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in Zubehör

Im amerikanischen Onlinemagazin „Enjoy the Music“ hat Leonard Norwitz den „Vinyl Cleaner“, die Plattenwaschmaschine von Reiner Gläss, besprochen. Sein Fazit ist:

„The Audio Desk is bloody expensive, especially as compared to the competition, if we can still call them that.  On the other hand, it is only about half the cost of many a high-end audio cartridge and, since the Audio Desk directly affects a cartridge’s performance, its value might be better appreciated. In any case, it’s a small fraction of the cost of our record libraries, which will play better than new in many cases after a proper cleaning. So, the gauntlet is thrown. Do you dare to take along a few of your records, old and new, to your local Audio Desk dealer and compare the befores and afters? One thing is certain: neither you nor your records will ever be the same again.“

Den vollständigen Bericht lesen Sie hier.

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