Boulder 810 – Review in „Audio Activity“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End

Bei dem italienischen Netzmagazin „Audio Activity“ gibt es eine der eher seltenen Besprechungen von Geräten der 800er Serie von Boulder. Der Autor Angelo Jasparro kommt zu diesem Fazit.

„I have found the sound of the 810 very spectacular and with a surprisingly correct timbric. There are no special preferences in the reproduction of the whole range of frequencies and the medium range has the nuances of high class tube devices.Dynamics is incredible and the soundstage is really good, especially when the preamplifier reaches the right temperature. One hour of heating is the right lapse of time to have a perfect sound, in my opinion. Its performance is at a high level while its price is in the medium-high range. I said that the medium range that has impressed me a lot, in fact a similar reproduction in solid state components is really rare believe me. About the bottom range there is little to say, it is appropriate in every occasion and only a bit ’softer‘ when compared to my reference system. I have been lucky enough to listen to many systems in my life and I wish more systems had this bottom range. As for the top range, it is simply ’not present‘. And this is positive, believe me. The instruments that arrive to such peaks sound natural and bright, with just a hint of amber. The higher harmonics are present and records have the right ambiance. It is transparent and made me discover, in a CD that I know perfectly like ‚The Ghost of Tom Joad‘ by Bruce Springsteen, details that I had never heard before.

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony directed by Simon Rattle and played by the Wiener Philharmoniker confirms how this system is capable of taking by the hand the whole system … and the listener. It is able to take you straight in front of the orchestra. The dynamic push in the crescendo is really great but natural, without efforts. The illusion of the deepness of the orchestra is perfect just like the height and deepness of the sound stage. This Boulder has a timbric balance that allows a nice reproduction of the sound for the whole audible range, and it does not add personal characteristics to it. What a nice sound! Cellos and double basses sounds aren’t melted and those of you that are concert goers know that this is normal with live music but not easy to achieve at home with a system.

Well, many times when I review components I can’t wait to reconnect my reference system but this time it was different. I have let the Boulder play for many days, I had also few friends visiting and the music remained a pleasant base and not once became an annoying or disturbing background. A dynamic sound, full of details but always perfect as if I was listening to live music. Micro and macro dynamics are always at good levels and the instruments are always credible and as fast as they should be.

The result is a sound that is melody and not just keys without a soul, without emotion and we all know how important emotion is when listening to music. If you are looking for an amplification in this price range it would be a pity not to listen to this Boulder. Very little Hi-Fi in the meanest sense of the word but a lot of good music that will stay with you until you … will switch to a bigger Boulder.

For its brand, the options of use, the level of manufacturing and the performances, it is not too expensive in my opinion. It is probably the best preamplifier I know in this price range.”

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